Claudine Barretto Covers Vicki Belo’s ‘Skin’ Magazine

Claudine Barretto is the covergirl of Vicki Belo's Skin Magazine Volume 2. In this issue, Claudine shares her secrets on why she embodies the magical formula of true stardom.

Skin is not your typical celebrity magazine. It contains testimonials from stars who had undergone one of Vicki Belo’s treatments and information on various cosmetic procedures. It’s kinda like a Belo clinic brochure in magazine form.

April 25, 2011

I hope to find good articles not only on plastic surgery procedures but on non-invasive injectibles like Botox and Restylane. I already know quite a lot about Botox and I’m sure readers have heard a lot about it. What I’m really curious is Restylane that’s supposed to be naturally occurring in human skin. Will definitely get an issue.

Skin is now available for P180.00 in all magazine outlets nationwide.

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