Top 20 Songs – American Idol Songwriter Competition

From hundreds of entries, only 1 song will be chosen as this year's winner's single on American Idol. The entries were trimmed down to 20 as you will decide which song will make it to the finale.

These are the songs vying for your votes:

Written by James Smithson

“All You Will Need”
Written by Lauren Dion and Phil Minardi

Written by John Buchanan

“Dream Big”
Written by Emily Shackelton

Written by Zach Ziskin

“Fly Me Away”
Written by Scott Sheets

“Here I Am”
Written by Tom Kitt, Matt Zarley, and Andy Zulla

“In This Moment”
Written by Ryan Gillmor

“No Turning Back”
Written by Luke Ebbin and Curt Schneider

“Only Love”
Written by Ken Stacey, Windy Wagner and David Walsh

Written by Mark Holman

“Something Like Heaven”
Written by Aaron Sidwell

Written by Jason Phelps and Mendy Shaw

“Thank You Whatever Comes”
Written by Fran Lucci, Danny Powers and Dara Stewart

“The Time of My Life”
Written by Regie Hamm

“We’re Gonna Make It”
Writen by Noel Cohen, Hugh Colocott and Amber Rhodes

“When You Come From Nothing”
Written by Will Hopkins

“You Believe In Me”
Written by David Barrett, Kurt Schreitmueller and Dan Yessian

“You Believed In Me”
Written by Perry Smith

“You Can Do Anything
Written by Gail Farrell, Mark Gasbarro and Larry Kenton

Hear the songs and cast your vote HERE. You need to register first with your email address before you can hear the songs and vote.

My favorite is “Something Like Heaven.”

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