Angel Locsin Will Play Varga, the first Darna?

Rumor has it that Angel Locsin's next project in the kapamilya network is the tv remake of another Mars Ravelo's super heroine named "Varga", considered as one of the first pinoy komiks superheroes.

Actually, Varga is the first Darna. According to Pilipino Komiks:

In July of 1947, Mars Ravelo created Varga in Bulaklak Magazine. Varga was actually the first Darna, and she also had an alter-ego named Narda. When Ravelo left Bulaklak and was hired in Ace Publications, he re-created Varga and renamed her Darna.

In 1950, Darna appeared in Pilipino Komiks, re-created by Mars Ravelo and superbly illustrated by Nestor Redondo. The first story of Darna tells of her battles against the evil Valentina.

Here is a photo of the original “Varga” comics courtesy of Pilipino Komiks:


And if your guess is as good as mine, Varga is set to compete with GMA 7’s “Captain Barbell Meets Darna.” Lupit di ba?

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