Jon Avila is Kapitan Boom

kapitanboom-003_0001.jpgFormer PBB celebrity housemate Jon Avila will be launched by ABS-CBN as the lead actor in Komiks, a fantasy-drama series every Saturday afternoon. The Filipino British hunk will play the role of the superhero called "Kapitan Boom".

It is said that the tv series was adapted from DC comics’ Superman. Apparently, Jon’s look is very similar to the Brandon Routh, the last actor who played the man of steel.

On his relationship with PBB host Mariel Rodriguez, Jon Avila admitted that he was hurt that Mariel chose Zanjoe Marudo over him. He added that he will just focus more in learning how to act specially now that he has his very first lead role on a mini-series.

Click here to watch the video.

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