Ejay Falcon – PBB Teen Edition Plus – Up Close

Ejay Falcon, born November 21, 1989 in Oriental Mindoro, is an official housemate in the second season of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. This 18 year-old lad is 6 feet tall loves to play basketball and billiards. Ejay is a student in University of Manila. He is dubbed the "Promdi Hottie" ng Mindoro.

The Promdie Hottie

At first glance, Ejay doesn’t look the typical promdi for he moves in a smooth and urbane manner. But as one gets to know him, the truth about his hometown begins to show, not that he tries to hide it. This shy lad from Oriental Mindoro speaks with straight and clear Tagalog, with a taint of Mindorenyo and a Visayan accent. Ejay grew up in the island of Pola where there is a scarcity of water and electricity, and watching TV Patrol and primetime teleseryes from the community TV, the only form of entertainment for the residents. Despite his timid ways acquired from his rural origins and strict Christian upbringing, Ejay is courageous and determined, ready to take on anything just to free his family from the poverty that ruined his parents’s marriage. He dreams big for his family that even if he is granted one wish, he’d not ask for fame but for his family to be together again. He is hopeful that Pinoy Big Brother is the first big step to realizing this dream.

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