Jieriel Papa – PBB Teen Edition Plus – Up Close

Jieriel Papa, born August 30, 1991 in Davao City, is an official housemate of the second season of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. Jing Jing, as what her friends call her, loves eating, sleeping, lakwatsa and texting. Her ultimate crush is Matt Evans. Know more about Jieriel and watch her video introduction after the jump...

jieriel02.jpgThe Bubbly Girl

Forever the bubbly girl, Jieriel is the life of any party. She loves to laugh with people and have fun. She alternates between dreaming to be a fairy and being Superwoman in the same way that she balances childhood and adolescence. She is optimistic about forging relationships with the other housemates, flexible and eager to get to know those around her. Her strong personality allows her to surpass the initial awkwardness and makes her take that first step. This sense of security and sense of self can be credited to her father Gerry, who took care of her while her mom was working in the Middle East as a nurse. A Papa’s Girl, she disregards the fact that he isn’t her biological father, proving that familial bonds are indeed not limited to genetics. Jieriel’s good nature is expected to bring cheer to her teen housemates, yet will she be able to keep her good nature when her Papa is not around to boost her spirits?


Watch the video introduction of Jiriel Papa.

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