Kevin Brendan Garcia Flood – PBB Teen Edition Plus – Up Close

Kevin Brendan Garcia Flood, born February 21, 1990 in Madrid, is an official housemate of the second season of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. Kevin is of Spanish descent who loves soccer and horseback riding. The 6'2" tall lad has just turned 18 last month.

kevin02.jpgThe Spanish Stallion

Kevin lives up to PBB’s “Dream Big” tagline. Unlike other teens his age, Kevin spends more time with horses than going out with friends. This is because he has his eyes set on making it big in the Olympics, and has been preparing for it for a long time now. He looks up to Brazilian equestrian Rodrigo Pessoa, the youngest show jumping world champion and winner of both the Olympics and World Cup, and Kevin dreams to follow in his idol’s footsteps. Although his parents are separated, he still manages to make the most of what is given him as they make ends meet to support his dream. He lives with his mom and two brothers and squeezes time with his dad’s family on weekends. His dad trained him on horses, and it is this passion that remains their strongest bond.

Kevin looks forward to meeting his paternal relatives in Iloilo soon, and to continue exploring what Manila has to offer. To show how in tune he is with his roots, his future horse already has a name: Manila. So far, he has visited Intramuros and shopped in Greenhills but for the meantime, though, these big plans are on temporary hold as he enters the PBB house. He looks forward to meeting the other housemates and, as he generally gets along with different people, has no qualms about the variety of personalities. Will his athletic background serve him well in performing Kuya’s tasks? What other opportunities will offer themselves to this mestizo equestrian? – From

Watch the introduction video of Kevin Brendan Garcia.

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