Hana Kimi Japanese Version to Air on GMA 7

Asianovelas starring a "girl-who-looks-like-a-guy" are definitely the "IN" thing nowadays as Hana Kimi is set to premiere on GMA on March 24, 2008 after Coffee Prince, the koreanovela with a similar plot, ended earlier this week. But wait, there's an asianovela starting on ABS-CBN this Monday with the same title! Yes folks, both shows are based from a Japanese anime so it's safe to say that both shows have similar stories. The difference is that the ABS-CBN series is from a Taiwanese production while GMA is from a Japanese team. See the preview of ABS-CBN's Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Version). See the preview of GMA's Hana Kimi (Japanese version) after the jump...

My vibe tells me that a local version is in the works. Who do you think can best play the local Hana Kimi? With ABS-CBN, my choice is Toni Gonzaga. With GMA naman, my pick is Yasmien Kurdi.

What do you think?

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