Site Advisory – Deactivating AntiLeech Plugin

It has come to my attention that there are some splogs (spam blogs) that automatically duplicate my every post to their site. An example of this is At first, i was flattered that my posts are being copied but after i found out that these splogs rank even higher than Starmometer in Google and Yahoo, i started to take some action.

Good thing, Kuya Abe of Yugatech posted an article yesterday about Site Scrapers and how to stop them. He advised the installation of a certain plugin called “Antileech” for WordPress blogs. Since Starmometer is powered by WordPress, i immediately installed the AntiLeech plugin last night.

So here’s how the plugin works:

AntiLeech produces a fake set of content especially for them that includes links back to your site and sends it only to them. When they steal this content, it appears online just like normal, except now you’ve turned the tables on them and have provided them with useless content.

So the posts being copied should look like this:

Did this site obtain cd‘s permission to re-publish this content? No!

Visit to get the actual content of this post, or to ask for permission to redistribute that content.

Proin in tellus nec bibendum…

If you’re wondering who “cd” is, it’s me Chris Diestro, the blogger behind!

But here’s the problem with the plugin: The said message ALSO appeared in my own posts! That’s why i deactivated the plugin.

I will experiment with the plugin so it will be useful someday. Please notify me if the said message will appear again. You can email me or simply post a comment here.


Chris Diestro (cd)

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