RP’s Sexiest Men 2008 Poll Begins

rps_sexiest.gifThe hunt for royal "hotness" begins today as we will run a series of polls in search for RP's Sexiest Men of 2008. The top 100 in 2007 are automatically nominated in our polls this year as well as those who did not make the cut and new personalities as well. If you would like to nominate someone who is not on this list, please do so by posting a comment below.

Our criteria is simple: 50% hotness and 50% “hotness”. Redundancy aside, we are looking for 2 kinds of hotness among these celebrities. The first is pertaining to “sexiness”, “drool-worthiness”, the physique, the total appearance of a man that could launch a thousand underwear campaigns. The second is pertaining to “visibility”. Is he hot in the showbiz arena nowadays? How many television show(s), endorsement(s), movie(s), etc. does he have in the last 365 days?

We are not limiting our search to actors, singers and models. We are also eyeing for athletes, newscasters, politician and all kinds of celebrities.

First Round: We will run a series of polls with 9 men for each batch. The top 3 votegetters will advance to the next round. The bottom 3 will be eliminated in the running. The middle 3 may have to compete again in our wildcard round (it depends to our picks).

Second Round: Another series of polls (including wildcards) for those who made it to the first cut. The top votegetter in this round will advance to our final poll.

We will consider all the votes received by these celebrities from round 1 to final round in determining the ranking of RP’s Sexiest Men from 100 to 1.

We will post the ranking in reversed order (in groups of 10) as we go on.

Each poll will last exactly 5 days. Hopefully, in a month’s time, we shall determine the rankings from 100 to 1.

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