Marrying A Millionaire – ABS-CBN Primetime Bida

Marrying A Millionaire (a.k.a. To Marry A Millionaire) is an upcoming romantic koreanovela set to premiere on ABS-CBN on February 18, 2008 replacing the timeslot of "Spring Waltz" in the primetime bida block.

Marrying a Millionaire stars Kim Hyun Joo (Glass Slippers) and Korean heartthrob Go Soo (Green Rose). The tv series is based from the US reality show “Joe Millionaire”. Go Soo is the average working guy who will pretend as a millionaire in the reality show called “Marrying a Millionaire”. Kim Hyun Joo is selected to be a participant in the TV but she knows Go Soo’s real identity because he is her first love back in grade school. Will their love succeed beyond the temptations of money?

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