American Idol Attraction Coming to Disney World

Disney World is about to get a little pitchy, dawg. Disney World will introduce a new attraction in their Hollywood Studios theme park, and its based on the most popular reality tv competition in the world, American Idol!

The “American Idol” inspired attraction will allow theme park guests to audition then perform before a live studio audience inside the Hollywood Studios’ theater space formerly occupied by the “Doug Live!” and “Superstar Television” attractions.

Disney bought the rights from Fremantle media despite rivalry between their station ABC and Idol station Fox. But the theme park attraction will not cause any conflict to the tv show in any way as they have different arena. For what it’s worth, it will add more visibility for the popularity of American Idol.

Here’s the sitch:

Theme park guests ages 14 and up will be able to audition for a Disney casting producer. Those who pass the test will be selected to appear in one of the park’s “Idol” stage shows. Rasulo anticipates six to eight such shows a day.

Backstage, the performers will receive hair and makeup touchups from a stylist and singing tips from a vocal coach. Then, the guests will perform on an “Idol”-like set in front of a live audience and three judges.

Top audience vote-getters will compete in a grand finale show at the end of each day. Overall daily champs will win a special front-of-the-line pass at a regional audition for the actual “American Idol” show. Hindle says Disney winners won’t be given any special treatment during the real audition, just the ability to skip ahead.

Because of eligibility differences — namely, the TV show’s 16- to 28-year-old age limit — winners may be offered the option of transferring their pass to a friend or family member, but they won’t be allowed to sell it. Daily champs too young to audition for the real deal could save the pass until they’re old enough to compete, according to Hindle.

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