Yearly Top 10 – 2007 Top Hits

We've picked the weekly top 10 songs for the whole year. And from these 32 top songs, you've chosen the most enduring, the most infectious and the most popular. Top 10 Hits for 2007:

1. Irreplaceable by Beyonce
2. Umbrella by Rihanna
3. It’s Not Over by Daughtry
4. Dream Myself Awake by Taylor Hicks
5. Beautiful Girls by Jojo
6. You Are The Music in Me by Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron
7. Someday by Nina
8. Jenny by The Click Five
9. Wait for You by Elliot Yamin
10. Home by Daughtry


1. Only three OPM artists made it to the top of our Weekly Top 10. They are Nina for her hit ballad “Someday”, Ronnie Liang for his first single “Ngiti” and Miguel Escueta for “Isipin.”

2. Elliot Yamin has the most no. 1 entries in our Weekly Top 10, “You Are The One” in March, “Wait For You” for 3 weeks in April, “Wait For You” again in July and “Moving On” in October.

3. Aside from Elliot Yamin, the artists who have a no. 1 song for two weeks are Chris Daughtry for “It’s Not Over”, Katharine McPhee for “Over It”, Enrique Iglesias for “Do You Know?”, Ronnie Liang for “Ngiti”, Carrie Underwood for “I’l Stand By You” and Chris Daughtry again for “Over You”.

4. Elliot Yamin and Chris Daughtry have the most songs to reach no. 1. Elliot’s no. 1 songs were: “You are the One”, “Wait for You” and “Moving On”. Chris Daughtry’s no. 1 songs were “It’s Not Over”, “Home” and “Over It.”

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