Weekly Top 10 – Jojo Hits No. 1

This Last #of Song Title (Click for Music & Lyrics)
Wk Wk Wks (Artist)
1 5 2

Beautiful Girls (Jojo)

2 3 4

Whatever You Like (Nicole Scherzinger)

3 1 4

More (Black Eyed Peas)

4 new 1 Inconsolable (Backstreet Boys)
5 8 2 Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston)
6 new 1 Over You (Chris Daughtry)
7 7 5 First Time (Lifehouse)
8 new 1 Gimme More (Britney Spears)
9 new 1 Even If (Sam Concepcion)
10 3 4

You Are The Music In Me (Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens)

Jojo‘s version of the Sean Kingston cover “Beautiful Girls” hit the no. 1 position on our Weekly top 10 chart. The original version settled for no. 5.

We have 4 new entries this week with the return of the Backstreet Boys as the highest with their latest single “Inconsolable” debuting at no. 4.

American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry has a new song in our top 10. His single “Over You” is debuting at no. 6.

Another comeback artist makes it on our list. The artist everybody loves to hate, Britney Spears, is back with “Gimme More” debuting at no. 8. Spear Britney! Spear Britney! (nice t-shirt slogan, don’t you think so?) Hehehe

Finally, after weeks of waiting, an OPM makes the top 10 cut! Sam Concepcion‘s first single “Even If” is the first OPM in 5 weeks to penetrate our Weekly Top 10. The last OPM was “Catch Me I’m Fallin’” by Toni Gonzaga last August 7. 

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