Pinoy Big Brother 4th Nomination Night – Battle of the Beauties

For tonight's nomination, Bruce Quebral has earned immunity for a successful participation in the Big Brother Swap in Slovenia. Mickey Perz was also safe from nomination for winning last week's "lig-task" game. Wendy Valdez, on the other hand, was automatically nominated because of lapel mic violation (the one when she forgot to turn the mic on). The 13th phone call is the "Judas Kiss" wherein the recipient of the call will kiss any housemate that he/she wants to get nominated. Mickey received the call and kissed...Saicy. Saicy Aguila, the Samba Dancing Diva, is the 2nd nominee of the night. The 3rd nominee is the one who received the most number of nominations from his/her co-housemates and she's none other than Dionne Monsanto! So it's going to be a battle of the beauties this week: Wendy (108 comments so far) vs Saicy (50 comments so far) vs Dionne (55 comments so far) for your precious votes...and cellphone loads.

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