Weekly Top 10 – Chris Daughtry Rules Again!

This Last #of Song Title
Wk Wk Wks (Artist)
1 new Home (Chris Daughtry)
2 2 5 Over It (Katharine McPhee)
3 new Sharing the Night Together (Elliott Yamin)
4 new Stand (Rascal Flatts)
5 1 3 Wait for You (Elliott Yamin)
6 6 2 Her Smile (Dennis Trillo)
7 10 2 Hiling (Jay-R Siaboc)
8 3 6 It’s Not Over (Chris Daughtry)
9 4 5 How to Touch A Girl (Jojo)
10 5 3 You Are The One (Elliott Yamin)

Chris Daughtry rules our Weekly Top 10 once again for his new song “Home” which is also American Idol’s farewell song for this season. Elliott Yamin, on the other hand, is our very first artist in our chart to have 3 songs in the top 10. Katharine McPhee remains on no. 2.

American Idol fever is still on!

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