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This Good Friday, part of my personal devotion to commemorate the Passion of Christ is to focus on "religious" stuffs. That's why the whole day, i'm NOT going to follow my regular routine. Everything i do must have something "Christian" in it. Like watching "The Passion of the Christ" and "Left Behind 3" on video, listening to Christian and inspirational songs, reading Christian books, watching Christian tv shows and even blogging about inspirational things. I'm surfing the net right now and my mouse is devoted only to "Christian" blogs and websites. And speaking of Christian blogs, here are 7 of my faves... :: Jesse Wright :: This blog has a lot of Christian humour, Christian thoughts, Bible trivia, inspiring lists and personal musings about doing things right. In three words: Jesse writes right!

:: Jesus Rocks ::

Jesus Rocks is a blog of a Pinoy Jesus freak named Ptr. Jordan Tamayo who claims that he’s not blogging to sell anything, he’s not trying to get a blog award or become famous. He’s just sharing his purpose, thoughts and stories about “real” life.

:: Gannsdeen ::

Ganns Deen is described by one of his friends as “a cool guy and a terrific singer with a heart for Christian music.” So when you visit his blog, you will learn that it’s not boring to be a Christian and that gospel music is the best genre of music there is.

:: iCentral – everything inspirational ::

Are you a sucker for inspiring stories, inspiring text messages, inspiring songs, inspiring movies, inspiring poems, inspiring news and everything inspirational? Then this blog is for you.

:: Grace by Which I Stand ::

A personal weblog of a Christian accountant and web designer – Arnold Gamboa. He got the title of his blog from a Keith Green’s song. After his “grace awakening”, everything about him revolves in grace. And the theme of this blog is also about…you guessed it…grace.

:: Cotidie Fabula ::

This personal blog of “Ethanne” has musings on religious Filipino traditions. A nice holy week experience even though you’re just at the comfort of your own home. Don’t ask me about the title, i’m not sure what it is. (Itatanong ko pa sa kanya hehehe)

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