7 Inspiring Books

Here are 7 most inspiring books that i've read, in whole and in part. These books are available in major bookstores.

First on the list is the Bible - the "Ultimate book", of course.

The Holy Bible The word "Bible" refers to the canonical collections of sacred writings of Judaism and Christianity. The Christian Bible is called the Holy Bible, Scriptures, or Word of God. It is divided into two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament; some versions also have an Apocrypha section. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Old Testament canons contain books not found in the Tanakh, but which were found in the Greek Septuagint. (source: wikipedia)

Book descriptions were taken from

Best Inspirational Stories of the Year
Various Authors

We all have crazy days when it seems the world’s gone haywire. Those are the perfect times to enjoy these uplifting, reassuring, and true stories. Your spirit will be lifted and your faith strengthened as you read about ordinary people who, like you, aren’t alone as they face good times and bad with God’s grace.


Our Daily Bread
Various Authors

Here is a new collection of favorites from the widely used devotional Our Daily Bread. These meditations are arranged according to the seven character qualities listed in I Peter 1:5-7, with one attribute for each day of the week. These devotional thoughts will encourage you and enrich your life every day of the year.


Turning Points: Moments of Decision in the Presence of God
By David Jeremiah

From the host of the popular television program Turning Point and author of faith-building favorites My Heart’s Desire and Sanctuary comes a fresh devotional filled with insights and inspiration! Topically arranged for your convenience and featuring 365 entries, it’s filled with food for thought and Scripture-based strength for your daily journey.


Lists to Live By: The Christian Collection
Alice Gray

From the compilers of the popular Lists to Live By series come 200 powerful lists by some of the industry’s top Christian speakers and authors, including Chuck Colson, Joseph Stowell, Max Lucado, Pat Robertson, Shirley Dobson, Henry Blackaby, Dennis Rainey, Bill Gothard, Rick Warren, John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, and Bruce Wilkinson. The lists are divided into twelve easy-to-reference sections, with topics like: virtue, prayer, faith, marriage, God’s wisdom, worship, fellowship/community, heaven, and family. Full of humor, insight, and practical advice, these lists will deepen your faith, strenghten your relationships, nurture your hope, build your character, and ultimately enrich your life.


The Purpose Driven Life
By Rick Warren

In this remarkable best-seller Rick Warren will help you understand God’s purpose and plan for your life so that you can learn to live the life for which you were created. The book is divided into forty short chapters so that it can either be read as a personal devotional or studied in a small group setting. Don’t let yourself or your family and friends go without this life-transforming book!


101 Stories of Answered Prayers
By Jeannie St. John Taylor

People sometimes feel they have to be spiritual giants before God will answer their prayers. With its true accounts of answers to everyday requests by ordinary people, this book dispels that myth, gives a “behind the scenes” look at how God responds to our needs, and encourages us to be more diligent in prayer.

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