Angel Locsin & Oyo Boy Sotto Team Up In Ghost Flick ‘Text’

For the first time ever, real-life sweethearts Angel Locsin and Oyo Boy Sotto are teaming up in a movie since they became a couple more than a year ago. The film is the frightening ghost story TEXT (working title), co-produced by APT Entertainment and Regal Entertainment.

Prior to Text, Oyo and Angel were seen together in the acclaimed Regal teen flick “Kuya,” and the naughty comedy “Singles”. However, it was only after “Singles” was shown in theaters that the two talented performers “officially” became more than just friends.

Angel and Oyo, however, are quick to point out that “Text” isn’t a kilig movie about sweethearts texting each other lover dovey messages via cellphone. “Oyo plays my boyfriend in Text,” explains Angel. “After he dies in a car crash, he continues sending me scary pictures and texts to show that he’s still with me everywhere I go, and he’ll kill anyone who gets between us.”

For his part, Oyo can’t conceal the excitement he feels for his first all-out horror-flick. “People were probably expecting a kilig movie starring Angel and I at this point in our relationship,” says Oyo, “but we just couldn’t say no to ‘Text’ after we read the script. I love Asian horror movies like The Grudge, The Ring, and Shutter, and this project definitely has that disturbing vibe. Text may not be what people expecting us to do, but we guarantee they won’t be disappointed!”

Even though horrifying murders, ghostly apparitions, and disquieting premonitions will ensure that there’s a never dull moment in Text, the story is driven by a love triangle that moviegoers will be able to get their “kilig” fix from. Playing the third point in this romantic tug-o-war with Oyo and Angel is acclaimed actor Dennis Trillo, who was once romantically linked to Angel during their “Mulawin” days. Dennis and Angel remain good friends, and they can be seen in the top-rating magical fantasy “Majika”. With a captivating, high voltage cast and an eerie, gripping story which cellphone-obsessed Pinoys relate to, Text, is bound to give horror movie buffs a heart-pounding experience that will stay with them long after they’ve left the theater. For a screaming good time, watch out for Text in cinema houses nationwide later this year. It’ll definitely be worth the wait.

A Regal Entertainment Press Release.

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