Are You Ready for the 100 Most Beautiful Filipina?

In a few weeks, you shall discover in this blog the One Hundred Most Beautiful Filipina of 2006. From people’s nomination through this post, we shall select the 100 most beautiful Filipina. In order to rank them, we will cut the 100 into half—the first 50 is the list of women who got the most number of nominations. We will then rank the remaining 50 from 51st position to the 100th position according to their popularity, visibility and beauty, of course. The Top 50 will then be ranked through a people’s choice poll that will run here in and in for one month. From the result of the poll, we will rank the top 1 to 50 most beautiful Filipina.

Starting July 25, the one hundred most beautiful Filipina will be posted in reversed order starting position 100 to 1, with one entry a day until the complete 100 is revealed.

We must begin our search with your nominations. Post the name/s of Filipino women that you think should be included in this elite list of 100 Most Beautiful Filipina. You can nominate as many names as you wish as long as they match our criteria:

  • She should be at least 18 years old and not older than 40 years old
  • She can be an actress, singer, athlete, newscaster, etc. as long as she’s beautiful, of course, and a Filipino citizen.
  • Half-Filipina is ok as long as she’s visible and/or popular here in our country.

Post your nomination through the comments link below and after a week we shall gather the 100 names of the mostly qualified and mostly nominated. 

Check out our website for 100 Most Beautiful Filipina here.

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