Bright Vachiwarit and Win Metawin Greet their Filipino Fans

Thai heartthrobs Bright Vachiwarit and Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, stars of the trending BL drama “2gether the Series,” greeted their Filipino fans during their live stream on April 3. Their show, which airs every Friday night in Thailand, is being uploaded to YouTube with English subtitles the next day so their international fans can keep up with online discussions.

“2gether” is a BL (Boy Love) series, a genre which is rarely done in the Philippines, but it’s gaining a massive following among Filipino netizens as the show progresses. It’s now on its seventh episode, 6 more before it concludes in May, but clamors for a sequel or a second season are starting to pour in. There’s a big possibility that GMMTV, the network who produced the book-turned-TV show, may come up with a second season as “2gether” is among their most-viewed shows online.

Watch Bright and Win interact with their fans online during their lunch break last Friday:

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