100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020 Battle Round – Park Jimin vs Wang Yibo

The Battle Round of 100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020 continues with level 2 bout 4: Park Jimin of South Korea versus Wang Yibo of China.

Here are the voting mechanics for this bout:

  • Choose one from the two heartthrobs in the week-long bout.
  • Complete the Captcha challenge for your vote to be counted.
  • This is an unlimited poll. You can vote again by refreshing your browser and completing the Captcha challenge.
  • This poll will be closed on February 24, 2020 at 10:00pm HKG/TPE time.
  • From the remaining 26 heartthrobs, only 14 will survive level two and will advance to level three!
  • From the 13 who lost their bouts on this level, the 2 with the highest votes will be given another chance in the last wildcard round


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50 Comments on 100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020 Battle Round – Park Jimin vs Wang Yibo

  1. when xiao zhan won more than ten thousand than taehyung did you hear / read or did we say you were cheating?

  2. To anyone who didn’t watch Ths Untamed please do it. It is such an amazing story. I am sure you will fall for it s hard as i did

  3. Amendment made to previous post “In level 2 bout 4, Park Jimin garnered 698,532 votes or 50.16% beating Wang Yibo of China who got 694,071 votes or 49.84%”

  4. This is what the website written”In level 2 bout 3, Rowoon garnered 49,351 votes or 50.47% beating Justin de Dios of the Philippines who got 48,426 votes or 49.53%”
    Yibo didn’t win but it certainly made a history!

  5. Well army will call yibo stan a cheater too if yibo had won the poll over jimin isn’t it?

  6. YIBO’s ya por favor dejen de hablar de lo mismo, las votaciones finalizaron, vallan a apoyar a su Idolo a otras páginas, Las ARMY’s estamos demasiadas ocupadas en otras cosas importantes como para seguir hablando sobre algo que ya culmino.

  7. And a motorcycle rider

  8. “A cheater”
    Salitang binibitawan nang isang talunan

  9. A host
    A dancer
    An actor
    A singer
    A song writer
    A skateboarder
    A mentor
    A rapper

    Wang yibo is just perfect💗

  10. “A cheater”
    is a word that gets beat up by a loser

  11. ARMY’s como funciona lo del filtro? Guienme por favor, cuento con ustedes.

  12. Well wang yibo was chosen to act in untamed its must be because the director saw smth in him. If he don’t act in the untamed who will? Who’s best fit for for the role of lan wangji in untamed other than yibo?

  13. “A cheater”
    is a word that gets beat up by a loser

  14. “A cheater”
    is a word that gets beat up by a loser

  15. “A cheater”
    is a word that gets beat up by a loser

  16. Para nosotros los ARMY’s no fue una gran batalla, la gran mayoría están haciendo otras cosas como reproduciendo el nuevo álbum de nuestros amados, por lo tanto no crean que son tan grandes.


  18. Baby taetae // February 25, 2020 at 12:18 am //

    “A cheater”
    is a word that gets beat up by a loser

  19. “A cheater”
    is a word that gets beat up by a loser

  20. Wang yibo didn’t have today because of the untamed okay? He was already well known outside of China when was was 20 yrs old. Yea was a survival show’s mentor. And most importantly his popularity comes from his own effort

  21. WANG YIBO!!!! I’m so sad you lost. But even when I saw the gap became wider I still kept on refreshing and voting. You deserve all my votes! I love both you and Xiao Zhan! YiZhan forever.

  22. filterbyjimin // February 25, 2020 at 12:15 am //

    Pjms please don’t lost your time fighting here go stream filter & on loseres always have many excuses to accept loss

  23. Yibo became successful after the Untamed and its not surprising because he did 110% with his great acting. He deserves to be famous.
    I am proud of him

  24. Happy? Yeah ofc
    Why? Cause our cutie sexy lovely baby got what he deserves 💕💕
    And please guys stop this fight its not that deep regardless of who won this poll the truth won’t change that the two of them are successful talented and loved and that they are always the kings foe their fans
    No matter what
    Please love them and support them at all times

  25. Army/taehyung // February 25, 2020 at 12:13 am //

    “A cheater”
    is a word that gets beat up by a loser

  26. congratulation jiminaaaah and good luck to yiboo

  27. “A cheater”
    is a word that gets beat up by a loser

  28. Aquí nadie hizo trampa ni las ARMY’s ni las YIBO’s para eso ponen el juego del capche para que sea todo limpio, no digan que hubo trampa por favor, el motivo es que ARMY’s somos más y que somos unas amantes de nuestros chicos, por lo tanto Fans de YIBO’s solo sigan creciendo y buena suerte para la próxima. Fue una buena pelea ANIMOOOO!!.

  29. Sejal Shrestha // February 25, 2020 at 12:08 am //

    It was truly an amazing battle.. I didn’t expect ARMYS had to try hard to win ..
    Surely they will know Xiao zhan and Wang yibo now who made them hard to win.. Although they are newbies

  30. Have this in mind ARMYs,JIMIN is nothing compared to YIBO and will not have today if not for BTS”???

    :v Yibo will never be famous thanks to the untamed

  31. My king Yibo made the biggest fandom work hard
    I stan the right man

  32. Quien gano

  33. Did u see my bag? // February 25, 2020 at 12:06 am //

    “Anymous”, I solemnly tell you that even if you show an uncomfortable attitude towards the army, this poll, you should not overdo it. At least I have no idea but until now I see that only you are the one who comments the most, the longest, most aggressive with the army, there is no one or very few aggressors, If you don’t like our fandom you can don’t care about us, just leave this comment , it will help you to be less inhibited instead of just sitting around arguing unreasonably. I’m telling the truth, don’t be so mad. Wish you always have a happy life!

  34. No Yibo no esta solo, esta desolado hahahahhahahahahaha

  35. Que gano

  36. Ok, stop fighting. I’m an Army and I’m not cheating. I have to play ‘captcha’ before vote, so don’t said that. I didn’t compare Jimin and Yibo,but I refresh again , again and again and vote for Jimin because I love him. So I want you to understand that I’ve voted for Jimin because I love him,not meaning Jimin is better than Yibo….Ok? So, stop fighting and keep voting for your idol.

  37. I ❤ The Untamed 💙 and BTS 💜... // February 25, 2020 at 12:01 am //

    OK Kids, Voting is Over Now. Go Study and Focus on Your Educations. Next Time, Use Your Brains Wisely and Be Smart about Commenting in A Positive Way. This is Not The End of The World. Respect Each Other and Give Peace. It’s Not All The Boys Fault At All. They have nothing to do with This. They’ll All Amazing and Talented in their own Special Way. Congratulations to Wang Yibo and Park Jimin as Well as Xiao Zhan and Kim Taehyung.

  38. If we go third round, prepare yourselves. Yibo is not alone.

  39. Wang yibo

  40. In conclusion:watch The Untamed and stan Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo
    Im out

  41. Bien por Jimin, quede agotada de votar😘😘

  42. plss, stop. We only want the best things for our idols. I love both of them, they’re really talented. Nobody wants to have conflicts!

  43. Surely after this poll the armys will know this guy😏the guy who made armys who tried very hard and vote endlessly and non-stop

  44. can you please stop saying that we are cheating . how could that happen???its me either didnt know how to do it?? And as you may know everytime i vote here i need to finish that f*cking 10 set image of the captcha challange before voting?? Then after all you guys call the armys (cheaters) come on guys we all know that we we have the same situation here!!!! Dont judge us its not good for you at all judging us now like betraying your idol come on!!!

  45. Congratulations to our jiminie 💖💖🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

  46. Armys see when u deny that u are disrespectful and evidence starts appearing

  47. No one is saying here that Yibo fans didnt say anything to Jimin, but it were Jimin fans who started all this and we just defended him

  48. The more you say the more I despise you, monsieur Army !!!
    It is hard to understand that the Army community is so rude!
    Be quiet and think about who caused the trouble.
    I don’t want to talk anymore because the Army makes me feel disgusting.
    Are you blaming YiBo for making Jimin so low, or because you cheated so embarrassed to attack YiBo ??
    This vote is to see who has more fans, so it is not difficult for Jimin to win.
    Because YiBo is new, YiBo is only 22 years old, while Jimin is 25 years old and experienced in the industry. More fans than normal.
    So less attack our Bo, if you’re not that filthy!

  49. Second comment was something like jimin is more talented than this guy we don’t even know this guy.after these two hate comments we MDZS started replying.
    But I hope after this poll now you guys know this other guy.

  50. You say noone offended Jimin, so what’s that comment? “Anonymous // February 24, 2020 at 11:22 pm //
    Have this in mind ARMYs,JIMIN is nothing compared to YIBO and will not have today if not for BTS”???

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