‘Jowable’ Hits P53 Million in 7 Days

Source: Instagram (@vivafilms)

Is Kim Molina the country’s newest Comedy Princess? This is because her movie “Jowable” is now a certified box-office hit by grossing P53 million in its first week in cinemas as announced by Viva Films on social media. For a rookie actress surpassing the P50-million mark, and for her first titular role at that, it’s safe to say that we will see more of this rising comedienne.

Supporting Molina in the movie are veteran comedians like Cai Cortez, Kakai Bautista, and Candy Pangilinan. The film was directed by the creator of “Jowable” himself, Darryl Yap.

Did you know that Kim is also a world champion in singing? She was named Senior Grand Champion Vocalist Of The World at the 2009 World Championships of Performing Arts.

Check out the theme song of “Jowable” as performed by Kim Molina herself:

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