5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Head to the Beach during the -Ber Months

The so-called -ber months are here, and in true Filipino fashion, many of us are already celebrating the Christmas season, which only comprises the entire final quarter of the year. This long celebration has its pros and cons. For example, the traffic in and around the metro can get a little too crazy, with shoppers out in the streets at all times of the day or night. Plus, it can be difficult to celebrate with your friends and family when you’re all hustling to get everything at work done in preparation for the upcoming holidays. However, it’s also the perfect time to schedule a trip to the beach with your loved ones.

For many Filipinos, the idea of spending Christmas outside the comfort of their own home—the beach, even—can raise a few eyebrows. Organizing it can be a bit inconvenient, the trip itself can seem a little too indulgent, and the weather may not agree with your plans. But the truth is there are plenty of practical reasons why you should head to the shores before the end of the year. Below, we detail why a trip to a Batangas beach resort might be the best way of celebrating the -ber-month holidays:

  1. Take everyone along with you. Many friends and family members from outside the country come home at this time, and a special trip to the beach with everyone you love is worth the extra effort. Plan a beach stay way ahead of time to make sure that all your guests can make it, and don’t forget to take complete group photos with a beautiful backdrop when you get to your destination.
  2. Find a bit more space on the beach. While there can still be crowds of people, there are fewer people on the beach on these days compared to an average summer day. Most professionals are busy during the -ber months and many tourists are dissuaded by the fact that it rains more often at this time—and this can work to your advantage. If you’re lucky and if you get the timing right, you might even get the beach all to yourself.
  3. Say goodbye to hot, humid days by the sea. One of the downfalls of visiting the beach during summer is that it’s too hot and humid. This is not the case when you visit during the -ber months. The colder temperature makes a stay by the beach more bearable and a lot less exhausting. A little bit of rain might not look pretty on camera, but the cloud coverage can help you avoid sunburn, dehydration, or even heat stroke.
  4. Enjoy a selection of special accommodation packages. To gain an edge over the competition, many hotels and resorts offer discounts just for the -ber months. Take advantage of this when booking accommodations and save a bit of money for a very special seaside celebration with your family or friends.
  5. End the year with a bang. You’ve worked long and hard this year, so don’t shy away from the opportunity to reward yourself and celebrate life’s special moments with the people dearest to you. A trip to the beach with your kind of crowd, surrounded by picturesque views and scrumptious food, is a perfect way to end the year and congratulate yourself for a job-well-done. Also, it’s the best time to rest, relax, and ready yourself for next year’s challenges.

By thinking forward and planning meticulously, your dream beach getaway can be a success. So don’t hesitate to use up your remaining leave credits for the year and book a seaside stay before the hotels and resorts get fully booked.

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