Focus V Carta Vape Rig Review – A Device You Will Need

Focus V has been introducing us the great vaporizers like the Focus V Aero and Focus V Tourist. But in the latest Focus V brings us the new portable dab rig set, the Carta. Looking at the previous releases it will be difficult to tell what changes had Focus V made in the Carta Vape rig. This Carta vape rig will surely be going to give the most exceptional vaping experience you want.

How to use?

Focus V Carta Vape rig is easy to use. Just some measures are required and you are all ready to enjoy the best vaping experience. First of all, fill the bubbler with a small amount of water. It is up to you want load hot or cold your concentrate material. For the cold load, put lower than the pinch amount of concentrate into a dish. Choose your temperature setting and fire up the device.

Or in case of hot load, after firing up the device and before dropping the material let it warm. For the best results cover the chamber with the carb cap and inhale it strongly.

Temperature Flexibility

There are only four pieces in this device to choose the temperature flexibility. You can fix it by using the smartphone app to create your own presets. As it offers smartphone application it is very easy to use but without the app, we’re still quite satisfied by the temperature settings. With the use of app temperature control is amazing, these events the playing field and provides all the versatility you are looking for

Battery Life

This vaporizer has removable batteries which allow it to function like those portable devices. These removable batteries will allow you to pack a set of batteries. While going out you can just swap these batteries and enjoy your trip without worrying about. This vaporizer is outfitted with super strong and uber durable borosilicate glassware. It offers the technology that you look for and are only available in Focus V Products.

Vapor Quality

We don’t get inspired by the atomizer of Carta as it is not doing the work it has to. This vaporizer is able to handle a decent amount of wax at one time. Bubbles keep the draws smooth. It does a considerably better job at cooling down the hits. In short, it does have many great features and you can experience vaping at very reasonable prices.

Manufacturing Quality

This new vaporizer features removable batteries which are good to use. The glass is very well standard. It is reasonably thick and gives its users some confidence while using it. This device is pretty solid and almost contains everything you will need.

Smartphone App

This Focus V device comes with a totally new addition, a downloadable application. This vaporizer has all the new additional and customized features. The temperature in this device ranges from 600 degrees Fahrenheit to 940 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you use this downloadable application, you can enjoy more than the normal preset temperature levels.


It is packed with the features that matter. It has all important aspects needed for vaping with a portable dab rig. This device can deliver a cost-effective that still gives the users superior quality sessions without having to sacrifice quality for affordability. The FOCUS V CARTA VAPE RIG V2 maintains a reasonable price amidst the quality and features it offers.

Why do you need to buy this vaporizer?

The Focus V Carta Vape Rig  is outstanding in every way. One of the main selling points of this device is the Bluetooth comparability. The product does everything it says it does and much more than that. We promise you that you will not regret your purchase. Focus V Carta Vape Rig a solid contender. Even a strong choice for people wanting to explore the portable desktop rig category can get this vaporizer. Get Focus V Carta Vape Rig now and enjoy the best vaping you can!

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