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In an era where technology is constantly growing, it is essential for you to have the latest certifications if you wish to climb the ladder of your networking career. You can only progress in the IT field if you get the right certification from Cisco- an organization number 1 in the world of networking. It is also a reputable company that offers certifications for candidates with different skill levels. The credentials they issue relate to the following levels:

  • Associate (CCNA)
  • Professional (CCNP)
  • CCIE (Expert)
  • Architect

There are many benefits that you can get by being Cisco certified. First, you will have the privilege of interacting with engineers in an organization to figure out some of the innovative ways to improve the current system. Second, your skills will be validated following your great expertise in the area of your study. Third, you are put in a level where you will be very competitive in the market and that means hype in salary. Fourth, you will be managing other departments that need to work in line with the most current IT technologies, and finally, you will be sitting with senior executives to recommend the relevant systems needed in the organization.

CCNA Security Certification Overview

Exam-Labs Certification Dumps are regularly looking for people have the expertise needed to halt the cybercrime attacks and ensure that their system is in perfect working condition. If you have a dream of becoming a professional in networking and be certified with the CCNP Security certification, then you need to get the most solid knowledge and skills in security field by attaining the CCNA Security credential first. With the great knowledge acquired in this certification, you will be exposed to various roles like:

  • Network Security Specialists
  • Security Administrator
  • Network Security Support Engineer
  • Network Security Manager
  • Network Security Technician

For you to be CCNA Security certified, you will be required to pass 210-260 IINS exam. Cisco has all the materials, study guides and course in IINS to enable you to handle the Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS) test. They demand that you have some prerequisites if you are going to sit for 210-260 exam. Some of the prerequisites include having a valid CCENT, a valid CCNA Routing and Switching or any of the CCIE certification. Any of these three is accepted as a prerequisite for the CCNA Security.

CCNA Security Exam Details

If you don’t study, don’t expect to pass any of the Cisco certification exams. They have provided all the materials you need to enable you to pass the exams without any struggle. In 210-260 test you are usually given 90 minutes for you to answer 60-70 questions. It is available in English and Japanese languages and you can register for the exam at Pearson VUE for only $300. This exam basically validates your skills installation, monitoring networks to ensure there are integrity and confidentiality, troubleshooting and availability of data & devices.

You will be tested on your knowledge in network infrastructure, managing secure accesses, intrusion prevention, endpoint security, VPN encryption, your understanding on the core concepts in security, security in your web and email contents, and firewalls among others. Some of the topics that are common in 210-260 exam include security concepts, secure access, VPN, Cisco Firewall technologies, IPS, Secure Routing and Switching, and Content and Endpoint Security.

Exam-Labs Tips to Help You Pass this Exam

Cisco is the leading IT vendor and by visiting their official website, you will have study guides in the Cisco Press and other study materials that will enable you to train for your certification exam effectively. Besides, it is prudent to look for other registered and renowned resources that have been consistent in quality. One of such great resources is Exam-Labs. This online platform can be referred to as the hub for quality braindumps for the preparation to your CCNA Security certification exam. There are also many other dumps for various IT exams at Exam-Labs.

Most of the dumps and revision materials that Exam-Labs offers are usually free but you can decide to upgrade to premium to get more files. Your CCNA Security preparation is enhanced even more by their quality video courses that have been prepared and presented by IT experts. Be sure to enjoy their current software – the VCE Simulator, that gives you a real-life exam experience. Basically, Exam-Labs is a compendium of all that you need to pass 210-260 IINS exam.

Benefits of Having CCNA Security Certification

Any course that is offered by Cisco doesn’t leave you the same after taking it. There is an addition in value which makes you better than most IT guys in the market. By taking the CCNA Security certification, you will enjoy some of the following benefits:

  1. Global Acceptability

Cisco is a renowned global platform that has built a name in the IT industry. By being certified by them, it is a great sign that you are excellent in IT security. You will expand your chances of success every time you display the certificate; you will get as much attention as a Cisco certified specialist gets.

  1. It is a stepping stone for farther certifications

When you will be advancing to become a professional in IT, you will need this certificate as a prerequisite in getting a higher credential.

  1. Better salary

This is where more smiles come in when you will be appraised in your organization. Now it will be easier to get to a higher position in the organization or get promoted because of the knowledge you have. This will definitely translate to better salary packages of over $75,000 annually.

  1. Highly recognized

You will not only be recognized in your organization but also globally. You will be competitive no matter which country you go as long as you have this certificate. You will have the ability to explore and apply for jobs both in local and international companies.

  1. You can easily climb your career ladder

If you have been aspiring for higher positions, the CCNA Security certification will take you there.


As crucial as the CCNA Security certification is, you will need to back it up with relevant education to make it more relevant. Consequently, if you want to enjoy all the benefits that this credential brings to you or you simply want to outdo the competitors in your organization, you need to become CCNA Security certified and then upgrade your skills by getting more Cisco certifications.

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