Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! to Conquer the Music Scene this 2019

Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda!, a showcase of youth, beauty and talent is all set to wow Metro Manila with a series of shows scheduled in 2019.

The Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! is a group of 45 girls who will be performing in two musical shows on Tuesdays to Saturdays all throughout 2019 starting on January 8, 2019. These shows will be held at the Teatrino in Greenhills, San Juan.

Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! Is a joint venture between Viva Live, Inc., led by Vic del Rosario, Jr., Chairman of the Viva Communications Inc., one of the country’s most important entertainment companies and RTM of Japan represented by performer, songwriter, rapper, events organizer and talent manager Masatoshi Mano a.k.a MC Man, and Ryota Naito, the Creative Producer.

The 45 girls who make up Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda are the best of the hundreds who auditioned in the massive search for members of the group and who later went into intensive training in song and dance under the legendary Ms. Geleen Eugenio and voice coaches Sushi Reyes and Zeb Zuniga.

For tickets, interested parties can contact TicketWorld at 891-9999 or or at Viva Live 687-7236.

4 Comments on Ppop Generation: Boom Ganda! to Conquer the Music Scene this 2019

  1. @BoybandPH // December 21, 2018 at 8:30 pm //

    mukhang magaling sila at magaganda pa. pero bakit ang dami kasi kht 15 lng sana para mas makilala bawat members. But Good luck to you still. We hope you do big in the industry.

  2. Fighting OPM PPOP // December 21, 2018 at 8:27 pm //

    it is a joint venture bet. viva and jap group basically jpop culture will be injected them. But for the sake of OPM. Can someone debut a legit original OPM Idol Group sexbomb perhaps, the closest example I have in mind.

  3. What is said by amaw, the first commenter here is true. Obviously, this is just to cringy.

  4. Why can’t these idiots realize that our music and pop culture are more on Western/US influences? K-pop is already a niche here, novelty even.

    Pinoy pop is OPM. Why are they trying hard to infuse those Korean/Japanese influences with big groups, choreography, and colorful outfit? How many times have they tried doing that but still failed? It’s viewed as baduy and unoriginal by most Filipinos so it will never click.

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