Andrea Brillantes Plays Lesbian Inmate in ‘MMK’

Teen star Andrea Brillantes takes on a challenging role as a lesbian inmate who gets thrown in jail for being an accomplice to a crime committed by her uncle this Saturday (Nov 26) on “MMK.”


Gwen (Andrea) lives an extravagant life as part of a rich and influential political clan. But even with the fortunes she has, she still aches for the love and support of her mother, who does not seem to accept her, mainly because of her sexuality and failure to do good in her studies.

After discovering her clan’s corrupt and unjust practices, her then peaceful life was disrupted with the turn of events. Even if it’s against her will, she eventually becomes one of the accomplices in her uncle’s rape case, and for nine months, she, together with her uncle and men hide in the mountain.

But as time passes by she is consumed by her conscience. Standing up for what is right, she submits herself to justice and chooses to suffer behind the bars of Correctional Institution for Women.

How will Gwen live her new life in jail? Will she eventually get the love she has craved from her mother?

Joining this “MMK” episode are Dante Rivero, TJ Trinidad, Rochelle Barrameda, Hero Angeles, Patrick Sugui, Erin Ocampo, Carla Martinez and Faye Alhambra. The episode is directed by Frasco Mortiz and written by Joan Habana and Arah Badayos. “MMK” is led by Star Creatives COO Malou Santos.


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  1. lestlie caragao richard // January 3, 2018 at 12:03 pm //

    andrea mag upload ka opapa pa ng panibago mong musically ikaw lang ha ganda kasi eh sa youtube please idol kasi kta eh please

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