TV5 Stars Support Bloodletting Activity of Alagang Kapatid Foundation

Kapatid artists are supporting the upcoming bloodletting activity being organized by the Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc this weekend in partnership with the Philippine Blood Disease and Transfusion Center and Fisher Mall.


Dubbed as “National Blood Donors Month 2014,” the Alagang Kapatid Foundation is spearheading this whole day event where blood donors won’t just be able to participate in this worthy cause but also be be treated to a full day event of fun and entertainment as Kapatid artists perform and mingle with the participants. Face The People host Christine Bersola will be at the venue to greet the crowd, together with Lara Maigue of TV5’s upcoming musical show, ‘Trenderas.’ Artista Academy stars Akihiro Blanco, Mark Neumann, Brent Manzano, Marvelous Alejo and Nicole Estrada will also be joining this weekend’s activities to provide entertainment to the crowd.

Interested blood donors and Kapatid supporters may drop by at Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave, Quezon City from 10am to 8pm this Sunday, July 27.

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