Teddy Casino Faces Boy Abunda

The patriotic and passionate representative of “Bayan Muna” Teddy Casiño faces King of Talk Boy Abunda this Saturday on “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda.”

Giving voice to the repressed and poor is no easy task but for Bayan Muna representative Rep. Casiño, it is his sworn duty to fight for the “oppressed” and the “least heard” sectors of society such as women, children, fishermen, and the indigenous people.

This Saturday, Casino tells his story, talks about his struggles, and shares his aspirations. Know his thoughts about the armed revolution, the Spratly’s, the current administration, and the discrimination of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

Third time legislator Casiño grew up with a simple lifestyle. He grew up accustomed to poverty and hunger, which opened his eyes at an early age and inspired him to fight for the rights of the poor and oppressed.

Know the story, passion, and belief of the man who was never afraid to fight for what he believes is right this Saturday on “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda” after “Banana Split.” For more updates, log on to or follow abscbndotcom on Twitter.

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  1. padayon ka teddy…. hanagang sa Senado…..

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